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Team Prayer Needs

Please pray for us as we get some much needed rest and as we adjust to being back home.

Trip Team Members

Susan Harding

Steve Harding

Vanessa Ramsey

Alyssa Hood

Brenda Esters

Michael Brooks

Mary Tillberry

Lisa Torbett

Marci McCarver

Tony McCarver

Penny Davis

Sabrina Mobilio

Jason Carney

Ken Brooks

Trip Schedule

  • June 25: Travel to Santa Cruz
  • June 26: All to Poza Verde- men to visit with Ayore men and boys, women to do Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the children
  • June 27: All to Poza Verde- men to visit with Ayore men and boys, women to do door-to-door visits with the ladies and give gifts, then VBS in Pailon. Ayore group departs for Pailon to catch train to San Jose and FUA (they will be working with us).
  • June 28: Devotion, fellowship, and spiritual preparation for the trip in the morning, depart for San Jose around noon.
  • June 29: All to FUA and Santa Teresita. Men to help clear the road to Santa Teresita, then church construction in FUA. Women to do VBS in Santa Teresita (around 30 kids), then VBS in San Jose (approx. 100 kids). Tour of Jesuit church complex.
  • June 30: All to FUA and Santa Teresita. Church construction and Women's Study with FUA and Santa Teresita women (around 30).
  • July 1: All to FUA - Finish up church construction, women to do VBS in FUA (15 kids). Visit Ayore village in Urucu. Ayore group remains in Urucu.
  • July 2: Sightseeing in Santiago and visit to hot springs (joined by Ayore group). Travel by train to Santa Cruz.
  • July 3: Rest and shop for gifts.
  • July 4: Shopping for gifts, 4th of July cook-out with Dan and Jenny Strebig.
  • July 5: Travel to Atlanta

June 26 - Day 1

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Trans World Radio

The first stop on our trip was to Trans World Radio (TWR). TWR is a ministry in itself. According to their website, Trans World Radio, it is the most far-reaching Christian radio network in the world. Programs in over 225 languages and dialects are aired from more than 2,000 outlets, including 14 international broadcasting locations, as well as local AM, shortwave, long wave and FM radio stations, direct-to-listener satellite broadcasts, cable audio systems and the Internet. Every day, TWR's broadcasts reach millions in over 160 countries. For MRI, it has been our home when we are in Pailon.

Trans World Radio

In 2008, contributors made it possible for MRI to purchase approximately 50 radios from TWR to be donated to the Ayore ministry. These radios are solar powered and are used to transmit the bible in Ayore and Spanish to the Ayore community. Since many of the Ayore are unable to read, this is a tremendous benefit for those who are yearning to learn the bible.

Poza Verde

The church in Poza Verde is at the center of the community. It has stood for 10 years. It is the only permanent structure the Ayore there possess and it is constantly filled with activity. When MRI first went to Poza Verde it was in its first stages of being built. On this trip we were surprised to see it had been painted.

Poza Verde

Prior to spending some time with the Ayore men and boys, the guys cleaned the church for us while the ladies stayed behind to prepare for Vacation Bible School (VBS). Here, Steve Harding and Ken Brooks are doing some sweeping.  Thanks guys!

Poza Verde

A few years ago the Bolivian government put in a basketball court in Poza Verde for the Ayore. After cleaning up the church, the guys started a soccer game there with some of the men and the boys.

Poza Verde


Of course it doesn't take long for a crowd to gather as Jason soon discovered.

Poza Verde

One little boy thinks he'll start his own game...

Poza Verde


Not quite ready to join the big boys.

Trans World Radio

Preparing for Vacation Bible School and for our visits with the ladies.  Thanks to many generous donations, we were able to make cloth drawstring gift bags for the ladies containing a Spanish New Testament bible, a scarf, shower gel, lotion, shampoo, a comb,  and a toothbrush.

Trans World Radio


Penny and Vanessa getting the website updated and letting everyone back home know we arrived safely.

Poza Verde


A lady arrives early for VBS with her little ones.

Poza Verde

Lisa and Susan having fun with the kids before the movie.  Not sure who's having the most fun - they or the kids.

Poza Verde

Watching the David and Goliath video.  Thanks to donations, we were able to donate a new dual voltage video projector /DVD player and three sets of children's bible story videos.  Each set contained 36 bible stories from the Old and New Testaments.   When David hit Goliath with the stone you could have heard a pin drop!!

Poza Verde

We had a good turnout!!


Poza Verde


Some of our students answered questions about the story and received prizes. 

Poza Verde

Each student decorated a cloth bag using fabric markers (donated) which we then filled with five "smooth stones". The surprise? Not really stones, but candy (robin's eggs) !!




June 27 - Day 2

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