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Team Prayer Needs

Please pray for us as we get some much needed rest and as we adjust to being back home.

Trip Team Members

Susan Harding

Steve Harding

Vanessa Ramsey

Alyssa Hood

Brenda Esters

Michael Brooks

Mary Tillberry

Lisa Torbett

Marci McCarver

Tony McCarver

Penny Davis

Sabrina Mobilio

Jason Carney

Ken Brooks

Trip Schedule

  • June 25: Travel to Santa Cruz
  • June 26: All to Poza Verde- men to visit with Ayore men and boys, women to do Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the children
  • June 27: All to Poza Verde- men to visit with Ayore men and boys, women to do door-to-door visits with the ladies and give gifts, then VBS in Pailon. Ayore group departs for Pailon to catch train to San Jose and FUA (they will be working with us).
  • June 28: Devotion, fellowship, and spiritual preparation for the trip in the morning, depart for San Jose around noon.
  • June 29: All to FUA and Santa Teresita. Men to help clear the road to Santa Teresita, then church construction in FUA. Women to do VBS in Santa Teresita (around 30 kids), then VBS in San Jose (approx. 100 kids). Tour of Jesuit church complex.
  • June 30: All to FUA and Santa Teresita. Church construction and Women's Study with FUA and Santa Teresita women (around 30).
  • July 1: All to FUA - Finish up church construction, women to do VBS in FUA (15 kids). Visit Ayore village in Urucu. Ayore group remains in Urucu.
  • July 2: Sightseeing in Santiago and visit to hot springs (joined by Ayore group). Travel by train to Santa Cruz.
  • July 3: Rest and shop for gifts.
  • July 4: Shopping for gifts, 4th of July cook-out with Dan and Jenny Strebig.
  • July 5: Travel to Atlanta

July 2 - Day 7

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After our work in Fua we went on to Santiago where we stayed at a hotel picked out for us by Toni Mercado.




As a special treat, we were given a history of the birth of the ministry to the Ayore by Milton Whitacker, the owner of the hotel and a personal friend of the Mercados.



As a part of our visit to Santiago, we went to the place where 5 New Tribes missionaries lost their lives in 1943





It was a solemn moment for us all, and a humbling experience to think about those who went before us and made a way for the ministry to the Ayore as it is today.






The path the men took in 1943.






Next, we made our way to the hot springs for some recreation.  Along the way we ran into a vehicle blocking the road with a broken axle. Our only choice was to cut a new path around them..




Guess what happened next....




While at the hot springs, Toni and Placido presented Jose and Emily with their purity rings. These rings are a symbol of their vows to remain chaste until they marry.










Then, Emily was baptized by Tony McCarver.















Mirtha and Caesar, MRI's newest missionaries.





After a long day of fun, it was time to return to San Jose.  Our train did not depart until 2:00 AM.  





July 4 - Day 9

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