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Please remember missionaries and their families love to hear from folks back at home and are always grateful for a note or a card, even if just to let them know you are praying for them.


Missionaries and often their families are on the front lines of the Great Commission. They live their lives bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost. They build relationships which can only be built by total immersion in the geographical location they are reaching. At great sacrifice to themselves, they leave mother and father, sister and brother, and follow a calling which they cannot deny. They are the hands and feet of our ministry. They live under constant spiritual attack and know spiritual warfare in ways we seldom experience. At MRI, we realize their need for our constant prayers and support. The missionaries we have had the privilege to know and support have taught us and inspired us to grow and to reach higher. Their lives are a challenge to us to move out of our comfort zones and into the true calling of the Great Commission, which is not only their calling, but all of those who go by the name "Christian".

Placido and Toni Mercado - Bolivia

Cesar and Mirtha Surubi - Bolivia

Sandra Jaldin - Bolivia

Wes and Trudy Seng - Brazil

Brenda Esters - Brazil

Pastor Viorel Cruceru - Romania

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