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Please be sure to make checks or money orders payable to MRI and include a note stating your donation is for the purchase of two vehicles.

We need your help...

Dr. Sandra Jaldin and the Surubís work in two main areas of emphasis and need:

Preventing prostitution among young Ayoré girls and calling them to Jesus as well as helping to grow and strengthen the Ayoré church and the indigenous church in general. Cesar has just been elected president of FRALIC, the network of indigenous Christian leaders of lowland tribes. Dr. Sandra and Mirtha Surubí dedicate much of their time to the women and girls. Until recently it was very common for girls as young as nine to enter the sex trade. Though it is still more common than we long for, the statistics have improved since they started working.

Both Cesar’s work and the work the women do is spread out over the whole Ayoré territory and even beyond. The Ayoré alone have at least 19 communities that must be visited consistently. The success of their work depends largely on visiting the girls in their home villages as often as possible and in spending time with church and village leaders. It is also important to our team that we disciple others in ministry and take them along on ministry trips. In order to do all of this, these missionaries use public transportation which only gets them to a certain point. After that they are forced to try to convince taxi drivers or random people to drive them the rest of way. Besides the exorbitant prices charged, people often refuse to take them either out of fear of the Ayoré or because they don’t want to ruin their vehicles on the roads.

When the Surubís and Sandra visit villages they hold church strengthening conferences, leadership workshops, retreats for male youth at risk for drug and alcohol abuse and prostitution prevention retreats for girls. They also just sit and “do life” with the Ayoré. As leader of the general indigenous network it is essential that Cesar also be able to visit other ethnic groups besides the Ayoré and this involves still more travel.

Placido and I would like to challenge you to consider donating toward two vehicles for this ministry. Vehicles in Bolivia are extremely expensive because of high taxes. We would be able to get vehicles that would not be new, but would be adequate (with four wheel drive and large enough to carry 8 passengers) for around $15,000 apiece. As we challenge you we are also challenging ourselves to participate in this effort. Here on the field we have raised $3000 toward the need. Please prayerfully consider how you can participate.

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