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MRI will return to Brazil in 2014

August 16 - August 23

What is Semíraita ? The word itself comes from Nhengatu, the general language of the Amazon region, meaning "my people". It is based on the Bible verse in II Chronicles 7 : 14 , " If my people who are called by my name , will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways , I will hear from the heavens , forgive their sin and heal their land ".

Semíraita is also the name of the Bible training center for indigenous pastors currently being contructed in Iranduba, Brazil. It was so aptly named by the leadership of CONPLEI, the National Council of Indigenous Evangelical Pastors and Leaders, an organization comprised entirely of indigenous men who are passionate about bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their people.

Today, there are over 150 indigenous tribes living throughout Brazil, mostly in extremely remote areas and most having their own distinct languages. From an evangelical as well as many other perspectives they are an unreached people.

The passionate desire of CONPLEI is to bring the Gospel to their people, to gather and promote unity and fellowship of evangelical pastors and other indigenous leaders, and to develop awareness among the Brazilian evangelical churches of their role in evangelism with the indigenous peoples of Brazil. They are a culturally complex society, and doing missions in their communities requires an understanding of their reality. While promoting exchanges between indigenous churches and other evangelical churches in the country, it is their belief this will mainly be done by indigenous leaders reaching out to indigenous people and for non-indigenous Christians to come along side of them in a supportive role. Thus, the vision of the school is to see the indigenous evangelizing the Indians themselves.

The daily curriculum of Semíraita will closely resemble the daily life of the tribal people, but will include a Biblical , academic, and vocational education. The trained students will return to their communities with tools in different areas so they can help their own relatives. They will assimilate into their communities not only as spiritual leaders, but as leaders in community development.

The school itself began as a dream. Henrique Diaz Terena, the president of CONPLEI, had been deeply involved for many years with a similar school in the central-west region of Brazil, the Ammi Bible Training Center, and had a deep desire to see a school which could play a major role in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the indigenous of the Amazon river basin. One day, while flying over Iranduba on his way to an event, he saw "the property". Today, that property has been purchased and is the site for the building of the school.

Though still in the early stages of construction, classes at the school have already started, and going forward projects are needed to build houses for students and missionaries who would like to help.

Mission Resources International (MRI) has had a long-standing relationship with the missionaries in Brazil and with Henrique Terena. We have been asked to assist in the construction of student housing. It is a unique opportunity to not only build classrooms and housing for the students, but to build relationships and to help our brothers in Christ as they accept the challenges facing them.

August 16 - August 23, a team of men and women will be going with MRI and will be staying on the property, doing construction. They will need your help. Each team member must raise their own funds for the trip and will need your prayers and financial assistance if you are able. It is our hope you will partner with us.

If you would like to join us please contact: Michael Brooks at mbrooksjr@newcenturygroup.net



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