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Wes and Trudy Seng


Wes and Trudy Seng


Sometimes truth, reality and feelings are very hard to express … we want to honor a God most worthy; yet expressing reality could come across as a complaint. That is not our intention as we share the burden on our hearts.

It is “winter time” here in the Amazon, with daily freezing temperatures hanging dismally down around 70 to 80 degrees F. Wes and I have been managing to get by without sweaters but our neighbors are wrapped in hooded jackets, blankets or towels – just anything to keep warm. The rains have come steadily these past few days cutting down on our already limited internet use – no doubt there is ice on the lines – but we have taken advantage of the weather to clean up our fans for summer!

We write with gladness and new expectations for what God is bringing about. The last few months have been busy with teaching or preaching locally and in the state of Rondônia. Yet our hearts have been heavy with thoughts of Semiraita. This is the Nyengatú name of the projected new school and, like Ammi, means “My people”. As calendar pages turned with nothing happening, we were tempted to think we mistook a pipe dream for a vision. Yet God kept reminding us of His miracles in the land purchase while tribal people still anxiously asked about opening school dates.

Then in January and February, two excellent couples visited us separately, both of them saying they believed God was calling them to move to Iranduba to help with the Semiraita project. A lovely Surui couple and a highly recommended Ticuna young man have also promised to join us here shortly. Since Wes is still a cowboy at heart, his reaction was “YEEHAW!” Mine was a cautious “Nice!” Both mean, “Thank You, Lord Jesus. Help us dare to believe You are doing a new thing!”

Two six-week quarters are scheduled to be taught between May and July. Aaaaaargh! (That’s English for serious panic!) Our “campus” is still a tangled green mess. Most of the simple structures built out there were dismantled and stolen. The kitchen shed suffered a very suspicious crash but someone was scared off before being able to take the boards. A local church has promised help, and just yesterday a sweet pastor from São Paulo indicated a desire to help pay for a roof for the dorm – at this point just a shed. Teachers and students will literally camp out during the school term. Wes and Andrew Janzen, our son-in-law, have been out several times to work on the property, but just the two of them cannot make much headway alone. Wes has also dismantled and put back together our old Toyota to ready it for transporting building materials. However, it still needs some serious body work; at this point, it will simply disintegrate if we look on it with anything but the kindest expression.

Our struggles in this venture for the last years have been like a desert experience. This has afforded time for much reflection and re-examination of “pet and pat” ideas. We look back in gratitude to all the people who have stood by us despite our plodding, stumbling and yes, occasional whining. Thank you from the depths of our hearts. There is excitement in the air – new strength to go ahead with this “grass roots” project (no pun intended) because God is doing what we simply could not do.

So this letter asks for urgent PRAYER AND PRAISE in the following categories: 1.) For God to choose the right students to come; 2.) For the necessary preparations at this “camp-us” to make it functional; 3.) For Wes as he works to get the Toyota in running shape in time for preparation activities and 4.) For Wes, Andrew and others as they prepare contextualized Bible courses that will be practically lived out in the lives of both teachers and students.

Some of you have also asked about my health. I have only a couple of months to go before I can say (scream?) “I am cancer-free!” But whether cancer free or not, God is good and His ways are perfect. Our journey together with you has been precious. Thank you so much.

Yours because of Jesus, Wes and Trudy Seng

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