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Ammi Training Center


Wes and Trudy were involved in leadership and teaching among the Terena Indians for twenty years before moving 1000 kilometers north to Chapada dos Guimarães to begin the Ammi Training Center in 1995.


Ammi is the Hebrew word for "my people." This bible training center consists of Indian, Brazilian and North American teachers whose goal is to see a functioning New Testament church in every group. According to South America Mission (SAM), 92 out of 258 groups in Brazil have no known Christians. The Center teaches the basics such as the Portuguese language, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, mechanics, and the use of computers. It also gives Biblical teaching to members of 12 or more groups who come to the center from all over Brazil. Brazil has hundreds of groups, many of which would not be reached if not for the existence of Ammi. People can visit or attend the school. Among other things, they are taught how to help prepare other tribal members be prepared for when they are exposed to the modern world and how to avoid alcoholism and drug addiction, a common problem occurring among the indigenous people when they are thrust into modern society. Helping them to learn new skills or use old skills to financially support themselves is a big part of what is done at Ammi. Without these skills,


young men often turn to drugs, young girls, to prostitution. The students at the center make crafts and handicrafts, such as woven baskets to sell. Some of the proceeds they earn help to finance their way through the school.

Because of its success, Ammi is now becoming a model for a new school in the "The North" region. 

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