Mission Resources International


Year End Summary 2013

What We Do

Team Leadership Training

  • Trip Policies
  • Trip Budgeting
  • Team Building
  • Team Member Development
  • Team Fund Raising
  • Trip Logistics

Resource Facilitation

The primary focus of Mission Resources International is to furnish innovative techniques with proven resources to assist ministries to reach their God-called mission fields and people groups.

  • Fund raising here in the States for special projects abroad.
  • Church-based missions partnerships and networks.
  • Equipping missionaries and organizations to do the jobs God has called them to do.
  • Promoting partnership work between churches and mission organizations both here and on the field.

Local Church Missions Program Development

Mission Resources International is committed to assisting local churches in development of their Mission's Programs

  • Choosing a location/ministry
  • Developing project partnerships
  • Raising Trip and project funds
  • Team member evaluation
  • Trip vision and ministries
  • Writing support letters
  • Fundraising guidelines
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