MRI has joined in partnership with CONPLEI (The National Council of Native Evangelical Pastors and Leaders), a group of Christian leaders, to help build the CONPLEI Bible Training Center in the area around Manaus, Brazil. The training center will be designed to equip many who have demonstrated a burden for Christ and a desire to lead their people to become pastors and teachers. The ultimate goal is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people and villages throughout the areas surrounding the rivers. We believe Christian leaders of the river people do not lack in any of the spiritual gifts nor in any of the leadership capabilities God has given to the rest of the Church, therefore our role in the training center is not one of leadership, but of partnership.


  • Short term teams to help construct the basic buildings needed for the school.

  • Short-term (about 5 years) financial help (living expenses) for initial leadership to develop their own support system.  At the end of the designated time, our custom is to diminish the financial help by 20 % per year to make the transition.

  • For each teacher, after 5 years of teaching time, financial incentives to do sabbatical studies for growth in teaching abilities.

Short and Long-Term Building Plans:

  • Kitchen and Dining Facility

  • Classrooms and Library

  • Multi-Purpose Building

  • Agricultural Building and Greenhouse

  • Woodworking and Automotive Shops