Pastor Viorel Cruceru

I was born in a very strong Christian family,

my father being the pastor and an extraordinary Christian. He was imprisoned and persecuted for his faith, being a baptist pastor. My father was also a pastor, and under Communism was imprisoned and persecuted and tortured for his faith. My uncle was killed in 1996 also for his faith by Securitate (Romanian KG.B)I received Christ in my life in 1972 at an invitation that my father made on Sunday morning during the worship service. I grew in my relationship with God and He helped me grow through my father, who had the most influence in my life. Then over time I grew through reading, studying, commentaries, personal experiences, mission and church planning I was born as a result of ten years of prayers. My father asked the Lord for a boy who would become a pastor. I received this calling for ministries personally many times, but specifically in september 1992, while on a trip to Israel. That trip changed my life. I am married, my wife’s name is Delia, and have 3 children: Rebeca, Ana-Luisa and Beniamin. I am the pastor of “Grace” Baptist Church in Slatina, Romania. I have been a pastor there for 15 years. I was born in a family of believers. I also pastor 4 other churches in the Olt District. I oversee the local pastors there and they work under the supervision of the church in Slatina. I try to help them and work with them as much as possible. I also work with the House of Grace orphanage, that our church runs. As I said, I pastor 5 churches total, work with the church orphanage and am also the president of the Oltenia Baptist Association of churches. I coordinate, translate and teach in the Oltenia Bible College where we have 22 pastors, missionaries, elders and lay men who have never gone to seminary. I coordinate the work in four other churches, as a coordinating pastor, aside from working in the church in Slatina as a lead pastor. I also coordinate the work with the orphans at House of Grace Orphanage in Slatina. I coordinate different departments in the Baptist Association of which I am a part and i`m leading „Oltenia” Bible Colleage . We want to expend the space for our church, because we are growing and we already have a piece of land purchased to build a church building. I will continue to run the ministries we currently have going. I am involved in local ministry, in that it takes place in my country, but I also have team members from America come and get involved with our church, and we are ministering to one another, so in the sense of involvement, it is global as well.


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